Szeged goulash


4 - 6

Cook Time



40 g lard (or oil)

1 kg of cubed pork (shoulder or ham)

400 g onions

1 clove of garlic

100 g bacon, smoked, diced

1 tbsp paprika powder, sweet

1 tbsp tomato paste

Salt, pepper, caraway seeds

1/2 l vegetable stock (instant)

400 g sauerkraut (can)

200 g sour cream, whisked with 1 tbsp flour


Heat the lard in a casserole, fry the meat cubes until they are brown, put them in the slow cooker.

Brown the bacon bits, onion and garlic as well, transfer into slow cooker, add paprika powder.

Boil the browned bits in the pot with vegetable stock, stir with tomato paste and pour over meat and onions. Season to taste with salt, pepper and caraway seeds.

Cover and cook for seven hours on LOW or three hours on HIGH.

Then set the pot to HIGH, let the well-soaked and drained sauerkraut cook for a good half an hour. In the last ten minutes, stir in the sour cream with the flour to thicken.