Miso Bread


3 - 4


500 gr Spelt flour (or other flour)

200 gr of water

25 gr black sesame 80 gr miso

185 gr starter dough

10 gr of fresh yeast

olive oil


With the flour in a bowl, we make a hole in the centre and put the water, starter dough , fresh yeast, black sesame and miso.

Mix with the hands until all ingredients are integrated. It is needed to work the dough to make it flexible.

put some olive oil in a bowl and put the dough ball inside; cover with a kitchen cloth and leave it to stand fo half an hour.

Pre-heat Crock-Pot half an hour.

After the 30 minutes put the dough in the Crock-Pot and put the lid, previously wrapped with a kitchen cloth.

Cook on High 2 hours

Serve with dips.