Natural / Greek Yoghurt

Tip – if you have been using your Crockpot Express for lots of savoury foods you might like to pressure clean your pot before use. Place 500ml of water into your inner pot add a slice of lemon and select the manual function. Add a time of 10 minutes and allow the unit to finish. Rinse with clean water and dry.

  • Pour the milk into the inner pot, select the YOGURT function and set the temperature to HIGH. Fit and seal the lid ensuring the steam release valve is in the open position.
  • Whisk frequently during heating. When the cooking cycle ends check the temperature has reached 82°c.
  • Fill your sink with cold water. Carefully remove the inner pot and allow this to stand in the cold water, this will speed up the cooling process. The milk will need to cool to 35-40°c, whisking frequently will speed this process up. If the yogurt culture is added to the hot milk too soon, this will kill the culture, so the cooling process is an essential step.
  • Ladle a small amount of the cooled milk into a separate bowl, whisk in the culture, then combine with the rest of the milk in the pot.
  • Place the pot into the cooking base and secure the lid.
  • Make sure the pressure release valve is in the open position, select the YOGURT function and set the temperature to LOW. Add in a time of 8-12 hours depending on your taste. The longer the incubation process the more tart the yoghurt will be.
  • Once your yogurt has reached the desired taste, remove the pot from the heating base and decant into suitable storage containers to refrigerate.
  • Yoghurt can also be passed through a muslin cloth to remove excess whey. This will give a thicker consistency.

Please note that the Yogurt function does not operate under pressure.


Cooking Time

8 – 12 hours




For this recipe, you will need a digital thermometer

  • 1 litre of whole or semi skimmed milk (whole milk makes thicker Greek Style Yoghurt).
  • 1 sachet of bought natural yogurt or Greek yogurt starter culture or 2 tbsp “starter” yogurt, made with whole milk and live active cultures.