Crock-Pot 5.6L Digital Slow & Multi Cooker CSC024

The Crock-Pot 5.6L Digital Slow & Multi Cooker is the all-round system that caters to every culinary need. Capable of performing 5 smart functions – whether it’s sautéing, slow cooking, roasting, baking or steaming, your Crock-Pot Digital Slow & Multi Cooker has you covered, while the digital programmable controls leave you in full control.

  • 5.6L capacity, serves 6+ people.
  • Multi functional – 5 pre-programmed intelligent functions offer you complete control.
  • Digital display with programmable timer and “Auto Keep Warm” function; your meal ready when you are.
  • Serve straight to the table with the removable dishwasher safe bowl.
  • Digital programmable heat settings.

Crock-Pot is the original slow cooker. Launching in North America in 1971, Crock-Pot has been trusted with meal times ever since. For over 40 years Crock-Pot has led the way in electrical one-pot cooking as more and more people across the world embrace slow cooking as the simple, convenient, cost-effective way to create hearty, flavoursome family meals. But that’s not all – Crock-Pot slow cookers are as comfortable with special occasions as they are with everyday tasks, ensuring your culinary creations are bursting with flavour as you entertain friends and family.

You’ll never have to use multiple pans again as this Crock-Pot Slow & Multi Cooker not only slow cooks as well as every other Crock-Pot but it also sautés, steams, roasts and bakes.  The 5 pre-programmed intelligent functions have multiple settings in each mode and allows you to quickly and conveniently get your meal in progress.  Not only does the Crock-Pot Slow & Multi Cooker have these intelligent functions, it also allows you to manually adjust the time, up to 12 hours in the slow cook mode and the temperature from 65 – 230 degrees centigrade – allowing you to have total control.

The slow cooker has all the traditional features you have come to expect and love on our digital slow cookers including two heat settings that enable you to cook to your own schedule along with a useful “Keep-Warm” function which is automated after the cooking process.  The sauté function allows you to sauté food inside the slow cooker bowl so you don’t even need to put on your hob when wanting a stir fry or quick cook dish.  Save energy and cleaning by using the roast and bake programs instead of your oven , while the steamer is great for healthy meals as well as cooking rice dishes.

The Slow & Multi Cooker comes with a roasting rack and a rice measuring cup, as well as a recipe booklet to get your creative juices flowing.  Finally the “take to the table” bowl is dishwasher safe as well as the tempered glass lid and the accessories. We have included 29 recipes which enable you to take advantage of all the cooking programmes.  From Wild Mushroom Risotto, Thai Style Steamed Fish, Chicken Biryani, Pork & Noodle Stir Fry to a scrumptious self-saucing Chocolate Orange Pudding – with the Crock-Pot Digital Slow & Multi Cooker you can create dishes that are delicious all year round.